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Corrie's Sky Lake 2006


This Sky Lake weekend I gave Corrie a digital camera for the weekend and asked her to take pictures for the church web page. Of course we had to take some of Corrie too. Now that is a Sky Lake smile if I ever saw one. Nice work Corrie, these are great pictures.

Tom Taylor
Web Servant

corrie_port.JPG (43278 bytes) "I love Sky Lake because it is fun.when I go there I go on a Friday.Usaly I take a car. When we go past the Pennsylvaina sign we always sing "Pennsylvaina Pennsylvaina I land that I adore I love your Valleys and Hills I always will I land that I love" I love when we get there ,I put on my pajamas.It is fun because we run in pajamas all night . We always eat smore or hotdogs. The hotdogs are really good! Hope to see you at Sky Lake!
Love, Corrie
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